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3 Ways to Help Students Achieve Success in Reading and Language

By Maggie Dail, M.A., Learning Specialist

Do you wonder why your student struggles with reading? I have spent much of my forty years of teaching searching for ways to help student learn. Teaching reading has consumed most of those efforts. As you probably realize, many of our students today are missing developmental pieces and cognitive skills.

I have found that children are so very different and learning challenges do not always respond to the same interventions. However, educators across the country help students achieve success in reading and language using two Scientific Learning (now a part of Carnegie Learning) programs: Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus - We call them our Learning Accelerator and Reading Booster.

These programs provide us with 3 ways to help our students:

1. Build students’ cognitive skills. Cognitive (learning) skills addressed by Fast ForWord products: memory, attention, processing rate and sequencing. Reading Skills addressed: phonological & phonemic (sound) awareness, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding (sound out words), working memory (remembering long enough to do something with), syntax and grammar (structure of our language).

2. Prepare students’ brains to hear English. Once we fill in the missing pieces of development in the brain, a child can read and use the English language.

3. Have students practice reading aloud, with support. Finally, we can provide opportunity for the children to read aloud – to other people and with Reading Assistant Plus to the computer which provides timely correction.

Over 250 studies show that Fast ForWord and Reading Assistance provides all of this for children across the country in language arts and even other areas of the curriculum.

Family Academy Online and Unlocking Learning Potential provide access to these programs with the support of a Learning Specialist.

Contact our Learning Specialist at for a free 30-minute consultation to get answers to your questions!


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