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Brain Health - 3 A Book Review

Dr. Will Mitchell, DOM, MS Nutrition of Primal Health L.P. wrote the book, The Unbreakable Brain published in 2016. His book makes the case that brain health is achievable and necessary. Citing numerous sources, Mitchell explains the current understanding of how the brain works and what we can do to prevent cognitive decline as defined by dementia and Alzheimer’s.

To clarify, dementia is the general term which includes Alzheimer’s and various other diseases related to mental decline. Dr. Mitchell’s plan outlines actions that prevent these difficulties – beginning early in life. Therefore, consider this information applicable to all ages.

In chapter three Mitchell discusses Your Brain on Drugs. We are not talking about illegal drugs, but prescription and over the counter remedies for the myriad of ailments we suffer. On pages 25-30 Dr. Mitchell addresses many of these including: antidepressants, statins, diabetes medication, antibiotics, steroids, sleeping pills and drugs for incontinence.

In chapter four Mitchell answers the question “When Should I Get Tested?

First, he enumerates differences between “normal” and “abnormal” memory loss. Sometimes we all forget things --- that in itself does not mean we are experiencing a continuing decline in cognitive abilities. He references a website that helps many on one example of “normal”:

“There is a difference between mixing up your kid’s names and not knowing your kids.” (p. 32)

Do not worry about these and others he mentions in the book:

· General absentmindedness

· Short-term memory block

· Forgetting events or facts overtime

· Partial inaccurate recall

· Memories that are colored by mood, bias, or experience (p. 32)

He further provides links for online tests that a person can take in from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. These results can inform the person whether professional help is warranted.

In the next chapter, Dr. Mitchell answers the question, “What Does Your Brain Need?

*Reader alert, Dr. Mitchell subscribes to the evolutionary theory and you will see it in his book. Evolutionary and creation scientists can make great observations and come to different conclusions, some of which are erroneous and some are accurate.


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