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Developing a Personal Reading Plan - 1

Reading opens the mind to a broad range of ideas. Some of these ideas provide edification and others open our minds to unhelpful ideas. For me, I seek to make the Bible my standard. Certainly, I fail at times so I must continually evaluate my reading.

Things to evaluate:

· Time spent on the different types of reading material.

· How the reading material affects the reader – does it edify or lead the reader to ungodly thoughts or actions.


· Spiritual Edification (should always form a part of my daily reading plan): Bible reading and studying; Bible study books or theological books. These kinds of books may be for Ladies’ Bible Study, Adult Sunday School or personal study.

Examples: Knowing the Bible Series by Crossway – Job and Romans; Jesus Loves the Church and So Should You by Earl M Blackburn; Is God Really in Control? Trusting God in a World of Hurt by Jerry Bridges; A Sweet and Bitter Providence – Sex, Race, and the Sovereignty of God (book of Ruth) by John Piper

· Work/Interests: (For me they often intersect)

- A few years ago, I was noticing students who had improved in many ways, but still lacked the skills to make it in the adult world (lacking Executive Function). I began reading several books that addressed this issue. I learned that social scientists have observed that years ago children “became” adults in a 3-year period – at the time of my research it took about 15 years! Further, I interviewed parents of adult children. Reviewing these books and the results of the interviews lead to my e-book Becoming Adults in the 21st Century - Family Academy

Today, I occasionally continue helping high school graduates in their beginning steps into college.

- During another time I found myself reading many, many biographies and historical fiction books. This endeavor led to Using Biographies to Teach Writing - Family Academy

One thing I help students with is to write – a skill that often eludes students and does help in work and college endeavors.

- Reviewing books like The Brain That Changes Itself, Brain Rules, Endangered Minds and Learning in Spite of Labels led to some blog series:

- Nutritional books often provide personal guidance in navigating our lives but can also turn into Book Reviews on our blog.

What types of non-fiction books do you read? What is a recent favorite of yours?

Next time we will discuss Fiction books.


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