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Gleanings From Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog - 3

Ready for part 3 of Gleanings from Learning in Spite of Labels?

Joyce Herzog shares many years of experience in her book and other products on this website:


Chapters in Section One – What I Need to Know?

o What Does It Feel Like to Be Learning Disabled? (previous last blog)

o A Look at Learning (last blog)

o Behavior and Strengths (this blog)

o Issues to Consider (next blog)

“Basically, a child with learning disabilities is one who in spite of a normal or high IQ and adequate effort and learning opportunity, has not achieved up to expectations in one or more areas of academic achievement.” (p. 22)

  • · Behavioral Characteristics (10 of the 19 given in book)

o Impulsive

o Activity level above or below typical

o Attention difficulties / easily distracted

o Hard to motivate

o Easily frustrated

o Poor Coordination

o Overreacts to change

o Lag in language development

o Disorganized

o Goals unrealistic (p. 22-24)

  • · Strengths (5 of 9)

o Learns well with music and rhythm

o Logical and precise

o Artistic and creative

o Interests are intense or not at all

o Often spiritually sensitive (p. 25-26)

We will continue gathering gleanings from Joyce Herzog’s book as I continue my read.


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