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Gleanings From Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog - 4

Ready for part 4 of Gleanings from Learning in Spite of Labels?

Joyce Herzog shares many years of experience in her book and other products on this website:


Chapters in Section One – What I Need to Know?

o What Does It Feel Like to Be Learning Disabled? (previous blog)

o A Look at Learning (previous blog)

o Behavior and Strengths (previous blog)

o Issues to Consider (this blog)

· “Basically, a child with learning disabilities is one who in spite of a normal or high IQ and adequate effort and learning opportunity, has not achieved up to expectations in one or more areas of academic achievement.” (p. 22)

Issues to Consider (7 of the 14 given in book)

o Scriptural Guidelines – Proverbs 22:6 and others (p. 28-29

o What is a learning disability? “a discrepancy between reality and a prediction.” (p. 30)

o What is really important? – Know God and the Bible, Build character, Learn basic academics and others (p.34)

o What placement is best? – home, public or private school, tutoring, apprenticeship...(p. 35-36

o What is an adult? If the goal is to reach adulthood, you need to define the goal. (p. 37)

o Discipline – make a poster so he knows what the rule is and what the consequence. (p. 38-39)

o Choose your battles carefully. (p. 40-41)

We will continue gathering gleanings from Joyce Herzog’s book as I continue my read. You may have noticed that I am only sharing selected gleanings. I recommend that you purchase this book for more detailed information.


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