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Gleanings From Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog - 5

Ready for part 5 of Gleanings from Learning in Spite of Labels?

Joyce Herzog shares many years of experience in her book and other products on this website:


Chapters in Section Two – What I Need to Do?

o Introduction to Doing (this blog)

o ABCs of Learning (this blog)

o Twenty-five Teaching Techniques That Work! (next blog)

o Teeny Tiny Teaching Tips (future blog

"Basically, a child with learning disabilities is one who in spite of a normal or high IQ and adequate effort and learning opportunity, has not achieved up to expectations in one or more areas of academic achievement.” (p. 22)

Introduction to Doing

o Getting Ready to Learn – physical exam with doctor, nutrition, place to study, plenty of outside time...

“Your child’s most frustrating years will be the ones when he is forced to spend most of his waking hours struggling to learn the things that are hardest for him. Put those skills and those years in perspective. Better yet, make a total change so that the actual academic learning is within a real-life setting, a fun environment, or postponed until his learning abilities have developed. Don’t let the public schools dictate the raising of your child! (p. 50-51)

o ABC’s of Learning – Herzog goes from “A – Accept your child with his abilities and problems. TO “Z – Zero in on eternal things.” Some of the in between ones include: H – Help your child with the things he cannot do alone.” And “R – Read daily to your child from good books.” And “V – Value your child’s ideas.” (p. 54”

We will continue gathering gleanings from Joyce Herzog’s book as I continue my read. Remember I am only sharing selected gleanings. I recommend that you purchase this book for more detailed information.


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