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Gleanings From Learning in Spite of Labels by Joyce Herzog - 9

Ready for part 9 of Gleanings from Learning in Spite of Labels?

Joyce Herzog shares many years of experience in her book and other products on this website:


Chapters in Section Four – And Furthermore

o Learning Styles (this blog)

o The Law (this blog)

o Learning Problems in History (future blog)

o History Repeated (future blog)

o Attention Deficit Disorder (future blog)

o Vision Skills and Therapy (future blog)

o Speech and Language Development (future blog)

o Individualized Education Plan (IEP) (future blog)

o Depression: Causes and Cures (future blog)

“Basically, a child with learning disabilities is one who in spite of a normal or high IQ and adequate effort and learning opportunity, has not achieved up to expectations in one or more areas of academic achievement.” (p. 22)

And Furthermore - Just a sampling of Joyce’s Suggestions:

o Learning Styles – “There is so much confusion today over the concept of learning styles. I believe that the whole concept of learning styles is an attempt to fit people into boxes in order to better understand and control.” (p.. 119) While helpful in some ways, these approaches will not provide the “magic answer.” God made us unique, not a stereotype. Here are some areas discussed:

§ Personality Types (p. 119 – 120)

§ Senses – Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Kinesthetic (p. 121)

§ Split-Brain Theory (p. 121)

§ Multiple Intelligences – Verbal/Linguistic, Logica/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Body/Kinesthetic, Music/Rhythmic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal (p. 121-123)

§ Birth Order (p. 123)

§ Gender (p. 123)

§ Developmental Age (p. 123)

§ And others... (p. 124-125)

o The Law – “All special needs children are eligible for special education and related services.” (p. 128)

§ PL (Public Law) 94-142 – 1975 began the process of the Federal government addressing this issue.

§ Public school must provide services in the “least restrictive” environment. All are to receive “free and appropriate” education.

§ PL 99-457 -1986 – Extended age coverage from 3-21

§ PL 101-476 – 1990 – Further extensions and definitions. (p. 128-130)

We will continue gathering gleanings from Joyce Herzog’s book as I continue my read. Remember I am only sharing selected gleanings. I recommend that you purchase this book for more detailed information.


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