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Personal Reflections - 1

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Back in 2014, I thought we would take a few months off and spend some time with personal reflections. Ronnie and I were beginning a new stage in our life this summer. Let me give you some background:

Ronnie grew up in eastern Kentucky and I in south eastern Colorado – or rather those were the family homes as we were both “military brats” with dads who retired from the Army (Ronnie’s dad) or the Air Force (my dad). We have lived in many, many places – probably too many to count. Even so, Ronnie finished up his 12 years in the Air Force (active and reserve) at McChord Air Force Base and had lived in the Tacoma area for almost 40 years. I lived in Spain for 17 years, followed by 23 years in the Tacoma area. In Lakewood, we lived in the same house for 21 years!

Our mutual friends – my former co-workers and our pastor and his wife are close friends. In 1988, my former co-workers from Spain were visiting our church. The ladies got together and talked Ronnie into writing me. We communicated by mail, cassettes and videos for several months before we were able to meet in person. Later, we added phone calls to our communications. We were actually together for about 6 weeks prior to our wedding. The rest was long distance. On July 6, 1991 we were married and I joined Ronnie in Washington State. Ronnie had owned a Christian bookstore and I was a teacher – that translated into many books. We have worked with homeschoolers full time since 1994.

Ronnie’s main job has been to sell Christian books and homeschooling materials – general curriculum and materials for clients following a neurodevelopmental plan. On the other hand, my main occupation has been to help homeschoolers through Academy Northwest, Family Academy, Unlocking Learning Potential and testing. We have had the privilege to have a part in the lives of many families.

Follow in the coming months for each edition of Personal Reflections.


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