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Personal Reflections - 10

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Before we began this Personal Reflections journey, we had just finished reading through and reviewing the Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina. While I may add to my Personal Reflections from time to time, I am ready to begin thinking again about a topic that was brought to my attention last November. As a volunteer at Care Net (for 12 years – teaching parenting classes in Spanish), I was sent a notification of an event put on by Parenteen ( offering free clock hours for teachers. I thought it would be about teens who are parents, but it was about parenting teens. This brought up the whole concept of teenagers. Gathering material from this organization, the speaker (Chap Clark), CareNet and other resources, I want to explore these people in our society that we call teenagers. I invite you to join me on this exploration. That exploration resulted in an e-book - Becoming Adults in the 21st Century.


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