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Personal Reflections - 11

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

I took a break in my Personal Reflections journey, resuming in 2017.

FAQ – “How did I get here? This may put fear into the heart of a parent of a young child, but my question represents a different query.

As I begin 2017 (a year I never dreamed about in my younger years), I want to reflect on how I arrived at this point in my life’s work. After college and prior to marrying my beloved husband, Ronnie, my work had been centered on a school or some other teaching situation. So when I became Mrs. Dail, how would that change? For the first four years I did work outside of the home at a tutoring center for a short time and then at Heritage Christian School for three years. Even before that ended I began tutoring and began exploring the idea of homeschooling. With no little Dails in sight, we entered the foster care system and had the privilege of fostering two boys. Our younger and first full time foster son did go to a home day care center during my last year at Heritage, but after he had returned home we continued to play a part in his education. To this day we have a great relationship with his mother. We homeschooled our older one while he lived with us. Our contact with him is on his terms – when it suits him. They, of course, are young adults now.

During that time we learned of an organization called Family Academy and its affiliate school, Academy Northwest. By summer of 1994 I became a Teacher Consultant for this organization. As I looked into a name for my “learning center” I looked no further than a business name Ronnie used for his various endeavors, Master Enterprises, recognizing our Master, our Lord Jesus Christ. So Master Enterprises Learning Center became a Family Academy / Academy Northwest learning center.

We would change our name in the future, but this was the beginning.


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