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Personal Reflections - 9

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

As I write this, it has been close to four weeks since we left Lakewood and exactly three weeks since we arrived in Bartlesville. During the last four weeks we traveled over 2,000 miles pulling our van behind a 26’ U-Haul truck. We took possession of an 850 square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in Bartlesville. Having had the equivalent of a 1000 square foot 3 bedroom home we have been downsizing. When we left, we had no idea if we had disposed of enough items. We are still disposing of items. Though everything is not out of boxes yet, we are gaining ground. One way to measure how we are getting settled we can see more floor space that we can swept or vacuum.

Another way to measure our progress is that in three weeks we have:

· obtained Oklahoma Driver’s Licenses,

· changed our car registration to Oklahoma,

· shopped at all of the grocery stores and narrowed it down to two main ones that we will use,

· obtained library cards

· set up both of our work spaces (though not totally organized),

· found a spot in the middle of our living room for our easy chairs (after years of using our living room as a classroom with tables and chairs)

· attended all of the main meetings of Grace Baptist Church and each of us have gone to a Bible Study (Ladies / Men)

One year ago we visited Bartlesville and Grace Baptist Church seeking God’s guidance. As we left we said to ourselves that our plan was to move to Bartlesville and we left those plans in God’s hands to confirm or redirect. In a similar way we can say with Abraham’s servant, “I being in the way, the Lord led me.” Genesis 24:27


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