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Unit Studies - The Solution for Homeschooling Multi-levels

What are Unit Studies? Unit studies are a method of studying a topic over a period of time that implements all or many of the subjects.

Why use Unit Studies?

· Motivates student

· Establishes a theme

· Creates memory hook / increase retention

· Treats topics in depth

· Allows multi-level teaching

· Allows the students to become more self-directed

· Provides a format for discovery learning

What are the Five D’s of Learning? (Raymond Moore)

DO – to capture attention

DISCOVER –to foster thinking

DRAMATIZE – to visualize

DIALOGUE – to internalize

DRILL – to crystallize

What are some difficulties in doing Unit Studies? Less structure, too random, anxiety about covering everything, some students are not self-directed, gathering resources, some subjects are sequential (math, grammar).

What subjects lend themselves to the traditional approach?

Reading, writing, language arts, spelling, math, character, instruments, memory verses

What subjects let themselves to the Unit Study approach?

Bible, science, history, art, music, character, literature, practical living

Should I do all traditional, all Unit Study or some of each?

The KEY is BALANCE and that is defined differently by each person.

What are the steps to doing a Unit Study?

1. DISCUSS areas of interest.

2. DETERMINE area for next

3. DETAIL potential resources and activities (what you have, what you need, how each one can contribute, subjects covered, objectives achieved, introductory and culminating activities.

4. DELINEATE the proposed order of the activities.


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