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Maggie Dail

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I was raised in a military family and moved around much during her childhood.  I was raised in a Christian home. After high school I earned a BA from Faith Baptist Bible College in Christian Education, Missions and Bible in 1972. I earned a BA in Elementary Education in 1980 from Cedarville College and an MA in Special Education from Adams State College in 1989.  I have lived in Spanish speaking countries (Costa Rica, Spain) for around 17 years as a military dependent, student, and missionary schoolteacher.


I am certified in the State of Washington to teach: Elementary K-8; Special Education K-12; Reading K-12 and Spanish K-12. Further, I have lifetime certifications with Association of Christian Schools International in five areas.


During my years as a teacher in schools and working with homeschoolers I have searched for more tools to help students who have learning struggles. I found that the neurodevelopmental approach provides the help that solve student's learning difficulties, not just accommodate for them.   I am a certified member of the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists..

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