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How Does the Brain Affect Our Lives? (Part 20)

A Book Review: Younger Brains, Sharper Minds by Eric R. Braverman, M.D.

by Maggie Dail, M.A., Learning Specialist

Chapter 12: Step Six – Brain-Balancing Medications

We have finally arrived at Braverman’s sixth and final step for “preserving and improving memory and attention.” (cover)

Braverman spends this chapter listing medications that he uses with his patients when other things do not work by themselves. These medications enhance the brain chemicals mentioned in this book.

  • GABA medications lessen anxiety and increase confidence

  • Anti-depressants are common types of serotonin-enhancing medications

  • Aspirin may be good for your thinking

  • Other medicines restore memory

  • Dopamine medications help increase attention

  • Cholinesterase inhibitors may help improve Alzheimer symptoms

  • Leptin – enhancing medications help balance your brain chemistry

  • “Medical Marijuana Won’t Help Your Thinking” – while he has used the pill form with a small set of his patients, he still considers it a “neurotoxin”

This reviewer is not a medical doctor and for her, personally, she prefers using other possibilities before taking prescribed medications.

We are set to finish up with Part III – Your Brain, Your Body


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