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A Book Review: God's Design for Life - The Animal Kingdom

Debbie and Richard Lawrence prepared this book, The Animal Kingdom, as a part of the God’s Design for Life for elementary aged homeschooling children. Answers in Genesis published this series.

Authors, the Lawrence family, prepared 34 lessons covering topics such as Vertebrates and Invertebrates; Mammals and Marsupials; Reptiles and Amphibians; Birds and Fish; Insects of all kinds as well large and small animals.

Each lesson has these sections: Supply List, What Did I Learn? and Taking it Further. Throughout the book the student creates an Animal Kingdom Notebook including charts and other observational records and activities for the different classes of animals. Some lessons have other features: Fun Facts, Word Searches, art or other hands-on activities.   Also, every few lessons they provide cumulative tests with answers in Appendix A.

According to Fry’s Readability, the book is written on a middle school level. Since the scientific terms have many syllables, many upper elementary students could read it on their own and it could be used as a read aloud to younger students.

In addition to the master supply list in an appendix the authors introduce the study of life science and how to deal with creationism vs. evolution. This series makes it easy for a homeschooling parent to cover important areas of life science with hands-on activities to stimulate the natural desire to learn.



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