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Does Your Child Struggle with Learning? You Can Homeschool Your Child.

Over the years I have talked with many families who face learning challenges. They frequently have their child in school because they feel they lack the expertise to meet their educational needs. While working with someone with experience in this area may be helpful at times, do not forget that you are the expert regarding your child. Who knows this child better? You do, of course!


  1. Do I need a label? Occasionally, having a label provides direction or funding, but it often limits expectations. For an accurate medical diagnosis, as in a genetic disorder, a label leads to a treatment. If on the other hand, the professional assigned the label because of a list of symptoms / behaviors rather than a blood or other lab test, beware of limiting expectations or using a medical treatment (as in drugs). However, even with a nonmedical diagnosis, there may be a metabolic / health component. How an individual’s digestive system works can affect learning. One problem faced by many who struggle is the “leaky gut syndrome.” Until you resolve an issue like this, the struggles will remain.

  2. After determining if we want to pursue a diagnosis / label, what is the next step? Besides knowing where your child is academically you need to make an inventory of tasks that challenge your child. Finding the underlying cause for these challenges is the key to resolving the issue. For example, if an individual has difficulty using phonics in the process of learning to read, he probably has low auditory processing. When this is true, a simple activity done for 3 minutes, 2 times a day, overtime will develop this skill.

  3. How do I choose the right curriculum? If you have ever gone to a homeschool convention, such as that of WHO, you know that an abundance of curriculum exists. Further, if you have searched online for homeschool curriculum, you know this to be true. Choosing the right curriculum for your family is a personal choice, but you should consider the following:

  • What does my child need to learn?

  • How does my child learn?

  • How do I teach?

  • Can I adapt the same curriculum for all my children?

  • Does this curriculum conform to our family’s beliefs and life style?

4. How should I structure our day? This, too, is a personal family choice; however, many children who struggle with learning thrive on structure. In most cases achievement is highest when you balance structure and non-structure.

Parents are definitely Able to Teach their children and there are many resources available to guide you in a successful family journey.




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