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Dyslexia, ADHD, APD? Answers Based on Research

Have you been frustrated by trying to find the cause of your child’s learning struggles? Do you suspect that it could be Dyslexia or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or auditory processing disorder (APD)? I frequently hear from parents how difficult it is to get the right diagnosis and treatment for their child, especially when many learning or attention issues can look very similar.

What I’ve found is that many children exhibit symptoms similar to these:

  • Being easily distracted

  • Not engaging in class

  • Not following directions

  • Reversals

  • Slow, labored reading

Customized solutions to learning challenges:

Teachers and parents may feel like their children are not trying, not paying attention, or being disruptive when in fact what’s happening is that they try to pay attention but can’t follow what’s being said and eventually give up. These children may also receive a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD or APD or even Dyslexia but fail to see progress.

If your child exhibits any of these difficulties, we can help you address the underlying causes for these learning struggles. We offer Scientific Learning’s online products (Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant Plus, Bookshop Phonics) at a low cost. Also, we offer personal online Brain Training Assessments and Brain Training. Our services are available year around. You can give them a trial run during the summer or at anytime.

For a FREE 30-minute consultation via Zoom to discuss options and answer your questions email:


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