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Learning a World Language

With my background in the science of learning and having lived in Spanish speaking countries for about 17 years, I desire to help my students learn world languages in as much the same way we learn our own native language. This creates a challenge in the mainstream way languages are learned in our country. Typically, people from other countries learn multiple languages earlier in life than we do.

I do admire my fellow language teachers whose students learn to speak the target language using the traditional grammar-driven curriculums. For me and many of my students I choose to allow a more conversational-driven way while still including other expected elements. Beginning in the fall of 2023 Family Academy offers an online high school. One area that I am contributing to is that of World Languages.

Here I will outline some of our offerings in World Languages:

Having been born in Germany, Arlin Baymus, from California has joined Family Academy. She teachers German 1 and 2. Further, she leads a World Language / Tutoring online service for her own company and now for FA. Many of her teachers teach languages from all around the world. We are privileged to partner with Mrs. Baymus and her teachers.

Also, we have a recent graduate, who has learned Spanish very well – Kaitlin Elliott. She will be teaching the traditional Spanish 1, 2 and 3. For those who are college bound and possibly heading into a major in Spanish, we have three strictly grammar courses: Grammar 1, 2, 3. These could be taken following or alongside Kaitlin’s classes. Further, we have a Spanish Literature and Composition class for these students. Along with these last 4 Spanish classes, I offer my “Spanish Conversation” class. This is a self-paced / mastery-based class. I work with my students one-on-one, and we spend as much time as needed on content. In this class, I seek to stress the order in which we learn our mother-tongue: listening, speaking, reading and finally writing/spelling.

I must not forget our American Sign Language teacher, Angel Garrett! We are pleased to offer Ms. Garrett’s course as well.

We will be offering introductory courses for 7th or 8th grade students (and others) – 4 weeks in 8 different languages – to help them decide which language to study in high school. These courses will include “tourist” needed vocabulary.

For more information about our World Language courses and all the other curriculum offerings visit our website:

Students wanting to earn 1 credit from this class should plan on working 1 hour every school day.


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