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Overcoming Learning Challenges

As a young student, I struggled with my learning. During elementary school, I failed Arithmetic and Writing. Teachers thought I wasn’t trying! I thought I was trying! Yet, my grades and teacher comments told a different story. In those days, teachers pretty much wrote their evaluation on the report cards without worrying about hurting a student’s feelings.

My father had high expectations for me and encouraged me to keep working at it. Both of my parents motivated me to keep trying. I didn’t have any labels or diagnosis; I was just expected to learn. I did. By the time I finished high school I had achieved all A’s and Honor Roll. In college, I got a D in a first-semester class, but by the time I graduated I was on Dean’s List. Being on the Honor Roll and Dean’s List or even earning a master’s degree in Special Education did not mean that learning came easily for me.

All of these academic struggles led me to work with students who struggle. Since 1994 I have been working with homeschooling families. Finding tools to unlock learning potential in students has driven me to where I am today. Working with Family Academy Online and Unlocking Learning Potential as the Director and Learning Specialist I work with families who homeschool and those whose children face learning challenges.

Today we know more about how children develop and learn. This understanding guides us in helping our children overcome learning challenges. In our work, we offer a variety of services that fit the needs of different families. We think of these services as keys on our keyring in our mission of Unlocking Learning Potential. One of these keys is an online course for parents whose mission it is to help their children in Overcoming Learning Challenges. We also offer a course for educators, Addressing Learning Challenges.


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