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Personal Reflections - 3

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

I do not consider myself a poet, but apparently as I take this journey of Personal Reflections during our preparations for a new chapter in our life I must be accessing a different part of myself.

An Ode to Old Blue

Old Blue when you were new

You went out to share the news.

Alas, years have passed

Old Blue, your jobs are new:

Preserver of clothing,

And, conserver of fuel.

Now, sadly, with our new

Chapter of life, may you

Rest in peace, Old Blue.

P.S. We have been affiliated with Academy Northwest / Family Academy since 1994, and owned Old Blue for 10 years. As we take our work with us online (Family Academy Online), it seems like a good time to buy a new sweat shirt to share the news: Academy Northwest / Family Academy Online! How many more years will we have to serve families in Family Directed Education? Only God knows!


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