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Personal Reflections - 5

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

After so many years in Washington State (39 ½ for Ronnie and 23 for Maggie), we have been preparing for our relocation for over a year. These preparations include:

1) Downsizing home/office

2) Researching potential new homes

3) Building up online services

4) Visiting Grace Baptist Church in Bartlesville, OK (actually in Dewey) in July, 2013

5) Continuing to downsize

6) Beginning to tell some people

7) Making the official announce in January, 2014

8) Preparing others to take over some of our responsibilities here

9) Helping to develop Family Academy Online

10) Making preparations for our new home in Bartlesville

Over the last few weeks, while continuing our work with families and administering assessments, we have begun to say goodbye to people and places. Obviously, the people are more important to us, though Ronnie will especially miss “the mountain” (Mt. Rainer). These are things that many of you have helped us in the process: Cleaning, packing, painting, providing food and fellowship, loading up the truck, hauling a great deal of materials away for us, doing yard work, hosting a farewell for people in the church, giving us money, gift cards, other gifts and of your time. Some even wanted to plan something but time got away from all of us. Also, many of you pray for us and we are extremely grateful. There is always a danger when we begin to list people. Even if I miss you, we very much appreciate you:

Byes, Wells, McKinleys, Burleighs, Villanuevas, Kelsey, Pitzlers, Jeff, John, Jana, Linda, Goddards, Laurie, Jeanne, Hennesy, Smiley, Clavin, Heatherlys, Smiths, DiFrancesco, Defords, Johnsons, Teibels, Hoffman, Norene, Hartshorn, Galdi & Seana, Diana, Candice, Cisars, Youngs…..


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