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Personal Reflections - 6

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Our Adventure

A number have referred to our move to Bartlesville, OK as a new adventure for us. In many ways these friends are correct. After worshipping with Providence Reformed Baptist Church one last time, we said goodbye to many. Then our friends, Mike and Diane, helped us get two vehicles to the U-Haul to pick up the carrier so we could haul our van behind a 26’ truck. Highlights of our first day on the road:

  • Learning to maneuver a long load…taking wide turns –gas station help gratefully received.

  • Filling a 57 gallon gas tank required more $ than our usual activity and it alerted c.c. fraud. We weren’t able to use that card which had been prepped for the trip until the next day.

  • Tacoma Dome – traffic in Tacoma allowed us a long-last look at this familiar icon.

  • Learning more about our smart phones – what should be easy:

Travel advisory through Eastern Washington to avoid fires.

Rest stops before the Blue Mountains

Location of Super 8 Motels

Managing photos

Accidental Selfie – Surprise!

  • God is good – we made it safely to our first resting stop.

End of 1st day – stayed near Pendleton, OR – 1 state down and 7 to go.

Day Two highlights:

  • Left stop with breakfast and lunch made

  • Confirmation of previous history with the Blue Mountains – driving through in daylight is far superior to driving in the dark either direction.

  • Reminder of the vastness and diversity of God’s creation (no overpopulation).

  • Sadly, they didn’t ask us if we minded advertising an old earth on the sides of the truck.

  • I have a love/hate relationship with seat belts. They all seem to rub against and irritate my neck because of my stature. This one is more difficult than most – it doesn’t want to come out. Finally, I realized that instead of pulling it multiple times that I should just “Let it Go” and try again.

  • We had a little excitement during the afternoon. We heard a noise behind us and looked back. We were pretty sure we still had our load with us, but stopped at the next stop we could make. At the rest stop we discovered that the strap around one of the tires had come off. Someone helped Ronnie reattach it, but it looked precarious at best. After calling U-Haul we proceeded to the nearest U-Haul which cost us 30 miles and 45 minutes. Within 5 minutes it was resolved and we were back on our way. During that time we received 2 calls and 1 text from friends or family who wanted to know how we were doing. What an encouragement to know that people are praying for us through this trip!

End of 2nd Day – July 21 ended in Burley, ID – Thank God for His protection and provision – About 2.8 States down and 5.2 to go.


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